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Winter is fast approaching and you only have 20 days to earn as much money as possible before the mountains become unpassable. This new, unknown kingdom is full of exciting opportunities, but you won't be alone. You'll be accompanied by up to 5 other merchants, all trying to take advantage of the wealth within these lands.

Game Board


The board is divided into 3 separate regions, all offering unique opportunities. Its your job to discover What they have to offer as Well as the threats lurking Within. The randomness of the board makes every playthrough a unique adventure.



Throughout your 20 day long voyage (20 turns), you will travel back and forth between the different regions trading resources with different villages, as well as visiting the grand castle to the north, seeking its riches.

Highland Village
Lowland Village
Mountain Tiles New.png

Mountain Range

Your journey will take you through a treacherous mountain range that Will be sure to slow you down. However, if you scour the land With a keen eye you might find hidden wonders and valuable gems.


The merchant With the most money at the end of the 20th day (turn) Will be crowned victorious.

Winning Meeple
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